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The End of NET30

Get paid on your own terms!

As a creator, you’re pretty familiar with Net30+ payment terms.

But what can you do?

Oftentimes, the client is not able to budge with their terms and sometimes you REALLY want to work with that brand.

It’s almost as if there were no other options…

Well, we’re excited to be able to change that.

Introducing SHADE Net1

We’ve officially entered the world of Net1 by partnering with Archie to offer you a flexible payment option. Through their platform, we are able to offer you Net1 payment (next day) as soon as you finish your deliverables!

How does it work?

  1. We pitch you for a brand campaign and the brand accepts.
  2. You create your content and your post goes live.
  3. We offer you the option to use Archie (for net1 payment).
  4. You let us know if you want to move forward with Archie.
  5. We let Archie know your work has been completed.
  6. You get paid within 1 business day (minus a small fee)
Archie pays you upfront for a 3% fee (0% fee for a limited time) that is immediately deducted and then we pay them at the end of the original payment date. No more chasing up on payments or waiting lengthy times for work you’ve already completed.